App Review: Knots 3D by Nynix

Watch a knot being tied in 3D to refresh your memory just before you need to use it. Knots 3D provides 3D animations, usage guidelines, warnings and history for at least 127 knots sorted into 10 categories (such as boating, camping, fishing and scouting) and 8 types (such as bends, hitches, lashing and loops. The... Continue Reading →

Paracord Pocket Practice

Knots like the bowline or the tautline hitch are iconic for scouting. In fact, on the official list there are 6. Square KnotBowlineSheet BendClove HitchTwo Half HitchesTautline Hitch These aren’t just random knots. Each has its purpose and a scout setting up camp will have occasion to use each of them at some point. In... Continue Reading →

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