App Review: GPS Averaging

GPS Averaging by Looking4Cache UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)

Get more accurate GPS for your current position when you need greater precision for something like hiding a geocache.

GPS Averaging works by making many position measurements and averaging them together to overcome inaccuracies. GPS inaccuracies can be the result of many things including multipath, radio interference, solar storms, environmental conditions and weather. GPS Averaging does just one thing and it does it well: find your position.

How to Get Coordinates

  1. Click the satellite symbol in the top right corner of the app
  2. Click Start Averaging
  3. Wait 30 seconds or so while measurements are taken
  4. Click the Stop button
  5. Name the coordinate and click the OK button

Now you can see the coordinates by name on the map and the exact coordinates by clicking again on the satellite symbol. Coordinates can be sent via email, saved as a file or copied to the clipboard. The coordinates are especially helpful for use in the Geocaching app when hiding a geocache.

Zero in on an accurate set of coordinates by taking the average of many measurements.

So why not get out there today and hide your first geocache?

GPS Averaging is available for iOS.


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