App Review: Wild Plant Survival Guide

Know what plants you could eat, which plants can be used for medicine and which plants could harm you in a survival situation.

Wild Plant Survival Guide enables you to identify more 130 plants using more than 350 color photos. The app is divided into four sections: edible plants, medicinal plants and poisonous plants and detailed plant profiles.
The edible plant section of the app covers the principles for determining which plants are safe to eat. This includes the identification of the leaf margins (edge types), leaf shapes and root structures. It also includes an Universal Edibility Test that helps you make an incremental edibility assessment that reduces the potential negative consequences if you’re wrong. It provides lists of edible plants for temperate, tropical and desert zones as well as seaweeds and the basic methods of preparing them.
The medicinal plant section provides some terminology for the use of the plants and then lists specific remedies treating diarrhea, bleeding, wounds, fevers, colds and sore throats, pain, itching, hemorrhoids, constipation, parasites, gas, cramps, and fungus.
The poisonous plant section covers plants that cause your skin to itch and those that are poisonous to ingest and suggested courses of action for exposure to either.
Lastly, the detailed plant profiles include full color photographs of the plant, the common and scientific name, the parts that are edible, other uses for the plant, cautions and a map and description of where it is found.

Wild Plant Survival Guide is fully functional offline, is searchable and allows you to bookmark favorites. Its quality photos and clear, succinct plant profiles make it easy to know quickly what your options are if you have to rely on plants in a survival situation.

Wild Plant Survival Guide by Double Dog Studios

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