Liquid Hot Magma Starbursts

In episode 179 of the First 40 Miles podcast, Heather and Josh’s kids recommended roasting Starbursts around the campfire. My first impression was that it would be a gooey mess, but I was wrong. The outside actually turns somewhat crispy. It’s the delicious middle you have to worry about. You basically have a sticky, crispy shell around liquid hot magma fruit filling! It’s pretty awesome. Here’s what you need:

All the ingredients you need for liquid hot magma joy!

Simply unwrap a Starburst, put it on a skewer and heat it over the fire.

At first I was considering the roasted Starbursts for the Cub Scouts, but I’ve had second thoughts. I’m concerned that the treat might result in too many opportunities to practice first aid. I think I’ll reserve it for family events that are more easily supervised or for events with the older youth. Still, the roasted Starburst taste good and I can see why they love them. Thanks for sharing one of your camp treat favorites with us.

Roasting Starbursts over an open fire…

If you haven’t listened to the The First 40 Miles, definitely check them out. Week after week the show is a consistently wonderful introduction to backpacking. They’ve taken their family to the trail. That’s good parenting in my book.

What other treats do you like to eat around the campfire? Please comment down below.

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