App Review: GPS Averaging

GPS Averaging by Looking4Cache UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) Get more accurate GPS for your current position when you need greater precision for something like hiding a geocache. GPS Averaging works by making many position measurements and averaging them together to overcome inaccuracies. GPS inaccuracies can be the result of many things including multipath, radio interference, solar storms,... Continue Reading →

App Review: Wild Plant Survival Guide

Know what plants you could eat, which plants can be used for medicine and which plants could harm you in a survival situation. Wild Plant Survival Guide enables you to identify more 130 plants using more than 350 color photos. The app is divided into four sections: edible plants, medicinal plants and poisonous plants and... Continue Reading →

App Review: WeatherBug

“Know Before” is the tag line for Weather Bug” and it seems to square nicely with the scout motto of “Be Prepared.” In addition to the current weather, hourly forecast and 10 day forecast, WeatherBug has a map with 18 layers of weather data. Layers include things like radar, alerts, precipitation, temperature, wind speed and... Continue Reading →

App Review: Knots 3D by Nynix

Watch a knot being tied in 3D to refresh your memory just before you need to use it. Knots 3D provides 3D animations, usage guidelines, warnings and history for at least 127 knots sorted into 10 categories (such as boating, camping, fishing and scouting) and 8 types (such as bends, hitches, lashing and loops. The... Continue Reading →

App Review: PlantSnap

Identify plants using your mobile camera and the power of machine learning. PlantSnap puts the power of machine learning in your hand. PlantSnap identifies plants from pictures using machine learning. Machine learning is a way of "training" the computer to recognize things based on examples. PlantSnap is trained on millions of images and is able... Continue Reading →

Dutch Oven Cooking by Mike Audleman

Don’t settle for "outdoor food" when you can cook hearty, “normal” meals using Dutch oven techniques. This 53 page, free online cook book starts with descriptions of the key characteristics of Dutch ovens and instructions for how to cook with and care for your oven. The rest of the book is recipes - but what... Continue Reading →

App Review: Flyflasher

Exchange fly tying patterns with a world-wide community of fly fisherman. Flyflasher is a crowd-sourced, community-driven app for sharing fly tying patterns with thousands of people. After creating your free account, it recommends other users to follow based on your interests. Users are able to name their flies, post pictures and descriptions of the materials... Continue Reading →

Be Prepared…

"Be prepared...the meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise." -Robert Baden-Powell

App Review: Fishbrain

Leverage a social network of fishing enthusiasts to catch that next fish. Fishbrain is an app that is enabled by the thousands of people that log what they catch, where and with what. Fishbrain includes a feed where people post pictures and descriptions of their catches along with the lures, baits and techniques they're using... Continue Reading →

Paracord Pocket Practice

Knots like the bowline or the tautline hitch are iconic for scouting. In fact, on the official list there are 6. Square KnotBowlineSheet BendClove HitchTwo Half HitchesTautline Hitch These aren’t just random knots. Each has its purpose and a scout setting up camp will have occasion to use each of them at some point. In... Continue Reading →

Liquid Hot Magma Starbursts

In episode 179 of the First 40 Miles podcast, Heather and Josh’s kids recommended roasting Starbursts around the campfire. My first impression was that it would be a gooey mess, but I was wrong. The outside actually turns somewhat crispy. It’s the delicious middle you have to worry about. You basically have a sticky, crispy... Continue Reading →

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